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Armenia is located in South-Eastern Europe, in the mountainous Caucasus. With a 6000 year history, the country is a unique destination known as “museum under open sky”. The population is only 3.2 million people, with over 30% concentration in Yerevan – the 2787 year old capital city.

Only 50 kilometers from Yerevan (40 minutes of driving), the Ski Resort of Tsakhkadzor has been a popular winter tourism destination since early 1970s. The town hosted the USSR Olympic team in 1976, before the Olympics in Mexico (Tsakhkadzor is on same altitude as Mexico City).


6 major European airlines have regular flights to Yerevan: British Airways from London, Austrian Airlines from Vienna (daily), Lufthansa from Munich, Air France from Paris and Czech Airlines from Prague. Armenian national air carrier – Armavia, has regular flights to Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai and Istanbul. Russian Aeroflot performs daily flights to Moscow.

Transfer from International Airport in Yerevan to the Ski Resort of Tsakhkadzor is usually provided by Tour Operators. After you submit a Tour Package request with, one of our partnering Tour Operators will get back to you to arrange transfer. Alternatively, taxi from Airport to the Ski Resort will cost maximum EUR 25.

In 2002, highway to Ski Resort was completely renovated to provide world class quality and safety.


The population of Tsakhkadzor (Armenian for “Valley of Flowers”) is only 2000 people. Founded in 5th century, Tsakkhadzor has several historical sights, among them – Kecharis monastery (constructed in 12th century). The town is a “second home” for many famous scientists, writers and artists because of the excellent nature and climate. We encourage you to visit house-museum of the world famous Orbeli brothers (one of the three brothers – Hovsep Orbeli, was director of the State Ermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia during years of World War 2).

People in Tsakhkadzor are friendly and welcoming, with a developed culture for winter tourism. Under a special Government Decree, Tsakhkadzor is being transformed into a world-class ski resort.

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